For over fifty-seven years, Treasure House Thrift Shop has played a warm and vital part in the life of Norwalk.  Its Mary Poppins Victorian façade at 5 Isaacs Street has invited generations of men and women to come inside – to browse, to chat, to shop, to relax.   Invariably, they have found a genuine welcome inside from the women of the Woman’s Board of Norwalk Hospital, because Treasure House was created to be a resource for the whole community.

What does the Woman’s Board of the Hospital do?

The Woman’s Board exists in order to raise funds for Norwalk Hospital and to support the interest and work of the hospital.

What are the activities of the Woman’s Board?

Its primary activity is the Treasure House, a thrift shop whose total profit is donated to the growth and development of the hospital and supportive activities such as the following:

  • Buying equipment for various departments of the hospital, such as therapy pediatrics
  • Supplying funds for special gifts
  • Buying layettes for indigent mothers
  • Support of the Little Chapel at Norwalk Hospital.

What are the obligations of a Woman’s Board member?

Duties of active members of the Board are as follows:

  • To attend all meetings*
  • To give all assistance necessary to any fund raising project of the Board
  • To interest others in the work of the hospital and the Board
  • To give such aid as may be required to the various committees of the Board
  • To give a minimum of 100 hours of service each year to Board activities

*Any qualified active member who misses three consecutive meetings without excuse will be asked to become an associate member.  A member who is unable to attend a meeting may be excused by asking another member to mark her “excused” on the membership list provided at each meeting.

What does a member do at Treasure House?

Everything members of the Board perform all the necessary work needed to keep the Treasure House functioning.

We exist on the generous contributions from our surrounding communities.  Some of our time is spent sorting out the items that are suitable for sale. After we decide we can use an item, it must be priced and then placed on the selling floor or stored for another time or season.  We have guidelines to follow for all of these operations, but we depend on members’ good sense of discretion and judgment.

Who shops at Treasure House?

We have a wide range of customers. Most are from our local and surrounding area.

Is that all there is?

No. As members of a venerable organization we constantly shift roles. We need members to serve as officers of the Board, and we need members to head committees and to take their turn as chairmen and officers of Treasure House.  We call on the many talents of our membership: artistic, organizational, secretarial and financial, and we need members who have knowledge of antiques, furs, collectibles and jewelry.   And we need people who know people, because that’s where we find our membership, our customers and our contributors.

Ask any member…for some reason you get back far more than you give, mostly because of a wonderful sense of community.